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The EU Law Live blog will be covering on a daily basis relevant developments in the European legal landscape. The purpose of the blog is to keep you updated in all areas of EU law that have an impact on EU lawyers, no matter how specialised they might be. We will cover general topics of institutional law, but we will also deal with complex procedural issues, very specialised topics such as competition, IP, tax or banking, as well as any other relevant developments you need to be aware of.

I will be the Editor-in-Chief of the blog, supported by specialised authors working in their fields of practice, with excellent knowledge and insight into the details of their domains. This collective effort will provide you with valuable tools in dealing with the ever-the-more complex landscape of EU law.

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Latest stories

The Charter of Fundamental Rights Turns Ten – A Brussels Celebration

Yesterday, the European Commission, together with the Finnish Presidency and the Fundamental Rights Agency, organized a conference celebrating the tenth anniversary of the entry into force of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. Academics, public officials from the Member States and the EU Institutions, NGOs, as well as judges from the Court of Justice, the General Court and the European...

Blogging on Professional Matters After Work. Strasbourg Strikes a Balance in Herbai v. Hungary

Workers are entitled to freedom of expression outside work. But how is that freedom affected by their work contracts when they give their opinions on work-related matters? Is a human resources analyst protected by the Convention when he or she shares personal opinions on professional matters in a blog outside work? If the employer decides to dismiss the worker on the grounds that commercial...

The Judicial Network of the EU Goes Public

The Court of Justice published yesterday on its website a new section devoted to the documents produced in the context of the Judicial Network, created in 2017. The result is an open and fully public array of valuable legal information for practitioners and researchers working in any field of EU law. For the first time, the Court of Justice will start publishing the full text of orders for...

The Trasta Judgment and the Court’s New Approach on Standing Requirements in Actions of Annulment in Banking Supervision

Today, in the case of Trasta Komercbanka (C-663/17 P, C-665/ P and C-669/17 P), the Court of Justice rendered a landmark decision in the field of standing requirements to bring an action of annulment The Court clarified the use of Article 47 of the Charter in the interpretation of Article 267, paragraph 4 TFEU, and it has also rejected the interpretation made by the General Court on the criterion...

Can the EU Launch a Damages Action Against a Member State Using the Infringement Procedure? A Comment on Commission/UK and Commission/The Netherlands.

After months in the waiting, the Court ruled at last in two crucial infringement actions that put the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle of damages actions in EU law. In Commission/UK (C-391/17) and Commission/The Netherlands (C-395/17) the question of damages actions by the EU against a Member State was put upfront by the Commission, after decades of doubts over the issue. Using once again the...