Judge Fernlund’s Goodbye


Judge Carl Gustav Fernlund departed the Court of Justice on 7 October 2019, after eight years serving as Sweden’s judge at the Court. An experienced administrative judge with a strong background in taxation, he replaced the highly-experienced Pernilla Lindh in her post after her retirement. The Court profited from his exhaustive understanding of tax law, a subject matter in good need of experts in the Plateau du Kirchberg. However, his work had an impact well beyond the technicalities of tax, and major cases in the field of fundamental rights (Berlioz and Sabou), citizenship (Petruhhin, Pisciotti and Raugevicius) and, above all, the Wightman case on the revocation of Article 50 TEU, were tailored by judge Fernlund actings as reporting judge. He is replaced by Nils Wahl, former judge at the General Court and former Advocate General at the Court of Justice.

The Court published on-line Judge Fernlund’s farewell speech, in which he explains in simple but straight-forward terms his ups and downs in Luxembourg, his proposal to introduce English as another working language, and the virtues of the Réunion Générale, an unknown gathering to the external world, but highly relevant for the internal workings of the Court.

His speech is available here, as is also Judge Rosas’, who also departed the Court on 7 October 2019, to whom a different post will be devoted shortly.

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