Democracy and the Rule of Law in the EU’s External Action – Council Conclusions


Yesterday the Council adopted a position on democracy in the global context, recognizing the fact that  democracy is being challenged and called into question throughout the world. In its press release, the Council admits that while democracy remains strong in many countries, in others there is a growing trend towards authoritarianism. The Council noted that the challenges to democracy are multi-fold and need to be countered urgently and comprehensively.

The conclusions make a sobering reading, describing a scenario in which authoritarianism, the spread of disinformation and the undermining of social movements and opposition parties are rapidly sperading.

Although no explicit reference is made to equivalent developments taking place within the EU, the conclusions explicitly state that they shall apply in parallel to the EU’s internal policies to combat disinformation in electoral processes and other initiatives running counter to the defense of the rule of law.

The final text of the conclusions agreed in the Council can be found here.

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