The Advocate General, according to the European Parliament


The European Parliament has just published a briefing document on the role of the Advocate General at the Court of Justice. For readers interested in better understanding the tasks undertaken by these members of the Court, the briefing offers a comprehensive outlook of the function, profile and impact of the Advocates General in clear and didactic terms.

The Advocate General is a major feature of identity of the Court of Justice. Although it still remains alive in the Member States from which the founding countries it drew its inspiration, it is a fact that the Advocates General of the Court of Justice have a voice and role of their own, unparalleled with any other national equivalent at this stage.

It is difficult to understand the case-law of the Court of Justice withouth the input of the Advocates General, their criticism and constructive contribution to past and future precedent, or their at times playful or ironic views that counterbalance the Court’s ritualistic means of expression.

The full briefing, authored by Rafał Manko is available here.

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