ECtHR: Russian Did Not Breach the Convention in Refusing Requests From Persons Struggling with Addiction for Methadone Replacement Therapy


The ECtHR published yesterday its judgment in the case of Abdyusheva and Others v. Russia (application no. 58502/11), where it found no violation Article 8 of the Convention (right to respect for private life). The case concerned the applicants’ requests to be prescribed replacement therapy for their opioid use. The substances requested by the applicants as substitutes for opioid products, namely methadone and buprenorphine, are prohibited in Russia to all patients for the purpose of medical treatment. The ECtHR has endorsed the decision of Russian authorities taking into account the public-health risks of replacement therapy, as well as the individual situation of Ms Abdyusheva, who was receiving medical assistance.

Read the French version of the judgment here.

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