August 04

About us

The EU Law Live team works furiously to plan and scour content for publication, to write news updates, to coordinate Analysts who write longer analytical pieces, and we make sure that what we release into the world of EU lawyers reaches you in good shape. The team is headed by EU Law Live's Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Daniel Sarmiento, with the support of assistant editors Anjum Shabbir and Dolores Utrilla.
Network of analysts
The network of analysts is a permanent group of experts in EU Law Live’s 11 areas of practice. Analysts provide an astute explanation of the context and significance of a judgment or a legislative initiative.
Editorial Board
The Editorial Board is EU Law Live’s ‘reflection body’. It is entrusted with the production of Editorial Comments, as well as with providing support in the design of the overall strategy of content provided to users. It is made up of internationally renowned experts in all of EU Law Live’s areas of practice.

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