February 25
Trajan Shipley
23rd February 2021
Consumer, Health & Environment Internal Market

AG Bobek: Motor Vehicles Insurance Directive not meant to govern whether a particular accident is covered by general civil liability insurance

Advocate General Bobek has delivered his Opinion in Van Ameyde España (C-923/19), in which he advises the Court not to engage in applying EU law to particular cases, such as the present one, by means of ‘factual jurisprudence’, and, in the specific case at issue, that Article 3 of the Motor Vehicles Insurance Directive (2009/103) is not meant to decide whether a particular accident is to be covered by the mandatory general civil liability insurance for motor vehicles, that being an issue for national law to regulate and for national courts to decide. 

In the case at issue, a road traffic accident took place between a semi-trailer being operated as an articulated vehicle and a tractor unit, with property damage being caused to a se


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