Wednesday, May 25 2022
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Anjum Shabbir
Anjum Shabbir
25th September 2020
Employment & Immigration

Analysis: “A Blanket Too Narrow: On the Autonomy of Member States to Cut Particularly High Special Pensions” by Luca Ratti

Over the course of the last decades, a number of Member States introduced 'containing measures' aimed at reducing the amount of particularly generous special pensions, in an effort to minimise their impact on public finances. Given the increasing ageing of the European population and the lowering of employment rates after the 2008 financial crisis, such measures became crucial to secure Member States’ financial stability. From a political perspective, as remarked by the same EU Commission, especially those pensions that are not clearly linked to occupational risks or a vulnerable special status (so-called ‘special pensions’) have increasingly been perceived as a source of inequity.

In the framework of constant attention from the C


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