July 31
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Anjum Shabbir
Anjum Shabbir
27th March 2020
Data, Tech & IP

Analysis: “Revocation of trademark that has never been used does not bar infringement claims, rules CJEU” by Bernd Justin Jütte

In Cooper International Spirits  (C-622/18), handed down yesterday, the Court of Justice of the European Union rules that the owner of a registered but subsequently revoked trademark can claim damages for infringements to that mark committed before revocation although the trademark has never been used. The requirement to use a trademark is an essential requirement in order to enjoy continuous protection for a sign.

In the French proceedings that led to the preliminary reference, the owner of the registered trademark ‘Saint Germain’ brought proceedings against defendants who had marketed a liqueur under the name. In parallel proceedings before another court the registered trademark was revoked on the basis of the French law that im


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