Wednesday, May 18 2022
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Dolores Utrilla
Dolores Utrilla
10th November 2021
Covid-19 External Relations & Trade Internal Market

Analysis: “Restoring Mobility with Third Countries in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Equivalence of COVID-19 Certificates and the Facilitation of Free Movement” by Lavinia Kortese

The massively disruptive effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on mobility globally is undeniable. Looking at the EU, action has been taken by the institutions and the Member States to restore intra-EU mobility and therefore safeguard the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Treaties. Nevertheless, mobility does not stop at the EU’s external borders. To also restore mobility with third countries, the Commission recently adopted several Implementing Decisions establishing the equivalence of COVID-19 certificates. These Implementing Decisions are a means to restore mobility with specific non-EU countries, thereby minimising the gap between those travelling within the EU and those entering or leaving it.

To better understand the rationale


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