Competition & State Aid


The Council Agrees on New Rules for EU Company Cross-Border Conversions, Mergers and Divisions

Yesterday the Council agreed on the reform of cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions for EU companies after months of negotiations. The new rules will provide EU companies with safeguards to discourage abuses and protect legitimate interests of workers, minority shareholders and creditors Among other novelties, the new rules introduce comprehensive procedures for cross-border conversions...

The Rosas Legacy at the Court of Justice

Allan Rosas left the Court of Justice on 7 October 2019, after almost eighteen years of service as a distinguished member of the EU’s highest jurisdiction. He bears witness to profound changes in the EU’s judiciary, from the time of the pre-accession Court of 2004 to the recent and massive machinery of case-law production in these tumultuous times. One of the most respected judges...

Tax Rulings and State Aid after the Starbucks/Fiat judgments of the General Court

On 24 September 2019, the General Court handed down two long-awaited sets of judgments concerning the application of EU/EEA State aid rules to tax decisions. In its judgment in Cases T-760/15 Netherlands v Commission and T-636/16 Starbucks v Commission, the General Court annulled Commission Decision (EU) 2017/502 of 21 October 2015, while in the judgment in Cases T-755/15 Luxembourg v Commission...