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Commission Management of EU Funds Questioned at the General Court on the Grounds of Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities

Three disability rights organizations have brought an action of annulment before the General Court against the European Commission, for failing to halt EU infrastructure funding used by Bulgarian authorities to build institutions for persons with disabilities. Having failed to suspend the projects in Bulgaria, the organizations turned to the European Commission to halt funding to Bulgaria until...

Extraterritoriality and Technology Part II. The Facebook Judgment and the Issue of Coherence with the Google Judgment

Yesterday, in the case of Glawischnig-Piesczek, the Court of Justice ruled that the e-commerce Directive does not preclude Member States from ordering a host provider to remove unlawful information which it stores, as well as identical information of the kind. This is a heavy burden that will fall on online service providers, particularly information or social platforms. The case concerned...