April 23
Anjum Shabbir
26th February 2021
External Relations & Trade Tax

Commission initiates an investigation to decide whether to prolong the steel safeguard measure

The Commission has initiated an investigation to assess whether the safeguard measure currently in place on imports of certain steel products should be prolonged beyond 30 June 2021, following a request made by 12 Member States.

The provisional safeguard measure was introduced by the Commission in 2018 as a way to prevent economic damage to the EU steel sector, and takes the form of Tariff-Rate-Quotas (TRQs) reflecting traditional trade flows, above which a 25% duty is levied on imports.

In the new investigation, the Commission will assess whether the safeguard measure continues to be necessary to prevent or remedy further serious  injury to the EU steel industry and whether the industry is adjusting.

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