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Trajan Shipley
31st July 2020
Consumer, Health & Environment Internal Market

Commission: Mobility Package I on road transport ‘not in line with European Green Deal’

Official publication has been made of a Declaration by the Commission on the adoption of the social and market pillars of Mobility Package I by the European Parliament and Council, which includes the following instruments:

  • Regulation 2020/1054, amending Regulation 561/2006 as regards minimum requirements on maximum daily and weekly driving times, minimum breaks and daily and weekly rest periods and Regulation (EU) No 165/2014 as regards positioning by means of tachographs;
  • Regulation 2020/1055 amending Regulations 1071/2009, 1072/2009 and 1024/2012 with a view to adapting them to developments in the road transport sector;
  • Regulation 2020/1056, on electronic freight transport information.

The package, which regulates the economic and social aspects of the EU road transport sector, had drawn considerable opposition from some Member States, MEPs and EU transport associations. The Commission expressed regret that some of the approved measures, such as the compulsory return of the vehicle to the Member State of establishment every eight weeks and the restrictions imposed on combined transport are not in line with the ambitions of the European Green Deal and the EUCO endorsement of the objective of achieving a climate-neutral EU by 2050.

The Commission added that such measures were not part of its proposals adopted on 31 May 2019, and thus have not been subject to an impact assessment. Therefore, it announced that it will assess the climate, environmental and single market functioning impact of these two provisions, after which, if necessary, it will exercise its right to come forward with a targeted legislative proposal before they enter into force.

Read the Commission’s declaration here.


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