November 29
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Emilija Berzanskaite
25th November 2021
Data, Tech & IP Justice & Litigation

Commission proposes to ratify Additional Protocol to Convention on Cybercrime to improve cooperation on access to electronic evidence 

The European Commission has adopted two proposals to authorise EU Member States to sign and to ratify the Second Additional Protocol to the Council of Europe Budapest Convention on Cybercrime on ​ enhanced co-operation and disclosure of electronic evidence.

The Budapest Convention lies at the heart of a global alliance against cybercrime and is the foundation for anti-cybercrime legislation in 80% of countries worldwide, including all Member States. On 17 November 2021, the Second Additional Protocol was adopted by the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers, following four years of negotiations amongst the 66 State parties to the Budapest Convention.

The adopted Protocol will improve access to electronic evidence necess


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