January 25
Anjum Shabbir
14th January 2021
Data, Tech & IP External Relations & Trade

Commission Reports on EU-Australia and EU-US Passenger Name Record Agreements

Joint Review - EU-Australia PNR Agreement 

A report on a joint review of the Passenger Name Record (PNR) Agreement between the EU and Australia, required under Article 24(2) of that Agreement, and drawn up by the European Commission, was officially published this week (12 January): the EU largely finds that Australia has correctly implemented it. This is the second such joint review (the first took place in 2013).

The outcome of the review is that the EU has found that Australia has implemented the PNR Agreement correctly, and that data protection safeguards and obligations - such as not processing sensitive personal data, non-discrimination, right of access, erasure and redress, independent oversight - have been respected


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