September 18
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Julia Fernández Arribas
3rd September 2021
External Relations & Trade

Commission terminates review of anti-dumping and countervailing measures on imports of biodiesel from Canada

Official publication has been made of Commission Implementing Regulation 2021/1434 terminating a review on the extension of the definite countervailing and anti-dumping duty on imports of biodiesel consigned from Canada.

Following a request for an exemption from the anti-dumping and countervailing measures applicable to imports of biodiesel consigned from Canada lodged by the company Verbio Diesel Canada Corporation, the Commission initiated an investigation to determine the possibility of granting the applicant an exemption from the extended measures. 

However, in July 2021 the applicant formally withdrew the request lodged. Since the investigation had not brought to light any considerations showing that a continuation of the case would be in the EU’s interest, the applicant’s withdrawal triggered the termination of the proceedings.

Therefore, through Regulation 2021/1434, the Commission terminated the review investigation, ordered an end to registration of the applicant’s imports, and levied retroactively the country-wide anti-dumping duty applicable to all other companies on these imports from the date on which the review investigation started.

The measure will enter into force tomorrow, 4 September 2021.

Commission Implementing Regulation 2021/1434 is available here.


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