August 12
Dolores Utrilla
27th July 2020
Covid-19 Internal Market

Council Conclusions on measures to restore confidence in collective cross-border travel amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Last Friday, the Council of the EU adopted a set of conclusions aimed at restoring passengers’ and workers’ confidence in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, by promoting a number of measures to minimise the risk of infection in cross-border collective passenger transport systems.

The Council conclusions recommend the adoption of certain basic hygiene and infection control measures for any cross-border collective passenger transport services. Such measures include inter alia (i) physical distancing or, where this is not feasible, use of masks, (ii) greater use of digital ticketing and digital ticket inspections, and (iii) observing high standards of fresh air circulation and cleanliness of means of transport.

Likewise, it was stressed that the smooth operation of cross-border transport services warrants that hygiene and safety measures are transparent, updated, and clearly communicated, so that passengers know before the start of their journey what obligations and recommendations apply at their place of departure and destination and to their means of transport.

The Council also invited the Commission and Member States to continue their coordinating efforts on the application of national and EU COVID-19 transport guidelines and recommendations.

The Council conclusions are available here.


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