January 21
Dolores Utrilla
28th December 2020
External Relations & Trade Internal Market Tax

Council updates list of autonomous tariff quotas for imports of certain agricultural and industrial products

Official publication has been made of Council Regulation 2020/2230 amending Council Regulation 1388/2013 opening and providing for the management of autonomous tariff quotas of the EU for certain agricultural and industrial products.

Council Regulation 1388/2013 opened up autonomous tariff quotas for certain agricultural and industrial products which were produced in insufficient quantities in the EU, thereby allowing imports into the EU at reduced or zero duty rates. Now, Regulation 2020/2230 replaces the Annex to Regulation 1388/2013 by a new list of quotas adapted to the current situation of the EU market.

The main changes are the following:

New tariff quotas are opened at zero or reduced duty rates for appropriate

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