March 01
Anjum Shabbir
22nd January 2021
Consumer, Health & Environment Data, Tech & IP Human Rights

Deep Fakes, Robot Surgery and Autonomous Weapons: European Parliament calls for rules on use of AI for military and public sector purposes

A report by the European Parliament calling for an EU legal framework on the use of Artificial Intelligence in respect of its potential military use, use in the public sector, and which strongly focuses on human-decision making and contact, was adopted by MEPs this week on Wednesday.

The European Parliament considers:

On military use: there should be an EU Strategy prohibiting lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) and a ban on ‘killer robots’; On public sector use (healthcare and justice): there should be a ban on ‘highly intrusive social scoring applications’ through mass civil (and military) surveillance, rules to prevent discrimination and ensure the principle of equal treatment, and protection of patients’ personal dat

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