April 01
Anjum Shabbir
26th March 2020
Data, Tech & IP

EUIPO Report on Counterfeit drugs – a challenge to health in the EU

A report has been published by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the OECD stating that up to 4.03 billion euros of counterfeit pharmaceuticals have been traded worldwide. Customs seizure data was analysed in the study for the period 2014-16, showing that the items most frequently found were counterfeit antibiotics, lifestyle drugs, painkillers, but also heart disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV and malaria treatment drugs and medication.

The Executive Director of the EUIPO said:

“Counterfeit pharmaceuticals can pose a direct threat to health and life, and their arrival into the EU, often through small parcels and internet sales, poses a challenge for enforcers. Tackling this issue requires that the current national and EU-level coordination is further reinforced, and supported by global actions. India and China are identified as the largest producers of counterfeit pharmaceuticals at global level, with Singapore and Hong Kong appearing as the most important transit points in the counterfeit pharmaceutical supply chain. Companies and businesses most affected by counterfeiting and piracy are primarily based in OECD countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland”.

Read the report here.


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