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frequently asked questions

1. What do we publish?

EU Law Live produces News (brief legal updates), Analyses (a more in-depth examination of the law) and Op-Eds (detailed opinion pieces) throughout the week covering the latest developments related to EU Law. On a daily basis, EU Law Live also publishes a Morning Agenda covering the main events of the day that have a legal impact, related to the EU Institutions of legal relevance. And, on a more irregular basis, we cover the latest books that have been released by leading publishers, as well as events and other relevant activities of interest for EU lawyers. In addition, EU Law Live publishes a Weekend Edition every Friday, as well as a monthly Podcast Series and curated Special Reports on specific subject-matters of interest for EU lawyers.

2. What areas of EU law do we cover?

EU Law Live covers eleven areas of practice: Institutional law; Human Rights; Competition & State Aid; External Relations & Trade; Justice & EU Litigation; Internal Market; Tax; Banking; Finance & Euro; Consumer, Health & Environment and Data, Tech & IP.

3. What is the difference between an Analysis and an Op-Ed?

An Analysis is a short, timely piece focusing on what a recent legal development means, and which contextualises the issues and law, often published for example when an EU court has just delivered a significant judgment. An Op-Ed is an opinion piece in which an author shares his or her views about a certain legal area or development. Analyses and Op-Eds express the author’s views in a purely personal capacity.

4. Who writes for EU Law Live?

The News, the Morning Agenda and Special Reports are written by our permanent staff. Analyses are penned by our network of analysts, as well as guest authors writing in a personal capacity. Op-Eds, Book Reviews and Long Reads in the Weekend Editions are the work of guest authors writing in their personal capacity.

5. What institutions and organisations do we report about the most often?

We cover the EU Institutions (the European Commission, Council of the European Union, the European Council, the European Parliament, the Court of Justice, the European Central Bank and the European Court of Auditors), as well as EU bodies, offices and agencies. We also report on developments taking place in Member States that have relevance for EU law, often related to national courts.

6. How regularly do we publish content?

We produce News every day and an average of four or five Analyses, Op-Eds and Book Reviews per week, as well as Long Reads and Interviews in our Weekend Edition. The Morning Agenda is available every day at 7.30am.

7. How much do we usually publish?

It depends on the developments that unfold every day and the news cycle, which varies from week to week. On average, EU Law Live publishes approximately 450 contributions every month and approximately 5,000 per year.

8. How can I access subscription-only contents?

To read subscription-only contents you need to sign up as a subscriber. You can subscribe through an individual account, or you can so through your employer with a corporate or academic subscription. Click on the 'EU Law Live' tab on the website, and it will give you an option to go to 'Subscriptions'/

9. How can I quote something I have read on EU Law Live?

When you quote EU Law Live content you must refer to the author and the full name of the content and date, in the following way: Budova, D., ‘Revision of the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions’, 19 February 2020, available at eulawlive.com

10. If I am not a subscriber, can I reproduce EU Law Live’s freely available content?

You can reproduce EU Law Live only under the terms in our Copyright policy, available on request.

11. How should I refer to EU Law Live content when I make use of it?

You can refer to EU Law Live by its trademark (‘EU Law Live’) or by its internet domain (www.eulawlive.com).

12. How do we process your personal data?

We are careful to use your personal data in strict accordance with current regulations. As an EU-based company, we comply with all EU rules on data protection, which are currently the world’s strictest standards. For a detailed description of our privacy policy, available on request.

13. Can I link to EU Law Live’s freely available content?

Yes, you can link EU Law Live free content or refer to EU Law Live content. However, you must comply with the following guidelines: You may display an EU Law Live logo to indicate the source of the link, but must not otherwise use any EU Law Live trademarks without permission from EU Law Live; You must not remove, distort or otherwise alter the size or appearance of the EU Law Live logo; You must not in any way imply that EU Law Live is endorsing any other individual or companyor its products or services; You must not misrepresent the individual or entity’s relationship with EU Law Live or present false information about EU Law Live; It must not be on a site or service that infringes any intellectual property or other right of any person or that otherwise does not comply with all relevant laws and regulations; and It must not be on a site or service that contains content that could be construed as distasteful or offensive. For further details, you can read our Copyright Policy, available on request.

14. Are the contents we produce to be considered as legal advice?

No, EU Law Live does not provide any legal advice and its contents cannot be considered to be advice of any kind. EU Law Live content is provided as commentary only and does not in any way constitute legal, investment, taxation or any other form of advice and should not be relied upon as such. We provide no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, quality, non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose of EU Law Live Service or any information provided. Furthermore, we do not endorse or otherwise provide any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any views, opinions or recommendations of individuals and organisations in our website or any of our contents.

15. What are the benefits of being an EU Law Live subscriber?

By becoming a subscriber, either an individual subscriber or through your institution (corporation, public institution or academic institution) you will have access to all the content of EU Law Live, including its archive. Also, subscribers have a right to create an individual account to customise the Alert System and adjust it to the user’s own preferences. Subscribers will also have access to the Morning Agenda Alert, as well as to the downloadable and printable version of the Weekend Edition.

16. How does the Alert system work?

By clicking on ‘Settings’ or clicking on your name once you have logged in, you can adjust your settings and customise the Alert System to your own preferences. Please click at least three Areas of Practice. Then, choose the content you wish to receive (News, Analyses, Op-Eds, etc…). Once you have changed your settings, you must save your choices by clicking in the ‘Save Configuration’. And you are all set!

17. What do I have to do to become an EU Law Live subscriber?

To be a subscriber you must purchase an individual account, or be part of an organisation that becomes a subscriber under our corporate or academic institution programme. You can access our subscriptions section by clicking on the 'EU Law Live' tab on the homepage, and selecting the 'Subscriptions' option.

18. Are there specific arrangements for educational and research-oriented institutions?

Yes, we have special rates for academic institutions, in recognition of their contribution to legal research and their strategic role in promoting learning and high education.

19. I have an individual subscription and I want to register

Once you have completed your Order Form and proceeded with payment, your account will be activated and you will be provided with provisional account access codes. Your account will then be ready for use.

20. I have a corporate or academic institution account and I want to register individual users

In the case of corporate or academic institution accounts, there will be an assigned administrator in charge of registering and unregistering individual users. Please contact your administrator to create your individual account.

21. I am an administrator and I need to register my organisation’s users

Administrators are the only authorised users who can register and unregister individual users within the organisation. Please be aware that individual users must provide an email account (to which the Alerts will be sent). This email account must belong to the organisation’s email addresses, as provided by the administrator to EU Law Live. Individual users belonging to an organisation cannot create an account with a private email or a third-person’s email. Depending on the terms agreed, there might be a limit to the number of individual accounts. In that case, once the administrator has registered the maximum number of users, additional users can only be added either by (1) unregistering other users, or (2) expanding your account. To register or unregister an individual user, please access your settings sections.

22. I want more authorised users to access EU Law Live

If you wish to have additional individual users, you can either (1) unregister other users, or (2) expand your account by contacting our team at subscriptions@eulawlive.com

23. An individual user wants to register with an external email

Individual users must provide an email account that belongs to the organisation’s email addresses, as provided by the administrator to EU Law Live. Individual users belonging to an organisation cannot create an account with a private email or a third-person’s email.

24. Why do you need to create a profile as a user?

Your profile can be customised so that your Alerts cover the areas of practice you wish to receive information about, and the contents you intend to follow. In order to create your profile you must access ‘Settings’ (after logging in, click on your name in the top left corner, or click on ‘EU Law Live’, then ‘Settings’, in the top menu.

25. How many areas of practice should you select?

You must select at least 3 areas of practice.

26. How many types of publication should you select?

You can select as many types of publications as you wish. If you do not want to receive too many individual emails, it is recommended that you sign up to the Daily Wrap-Up, an email sent at 8pm from Monday to Friday, with the summary of all developments covered during the day.

27. What is the ‘General Developments’ category?

There are developments that do not cover one or several areas of practice, but which are of relevance for every lawyer, no matter his or her expertise.

28. Can I change my profile once I have set it?

Yes, you can change your profile any time you want and as many times you wish, by simply accessing ‘Settings’ and saving your new configuration.

29. I am a subscribed user and I am not receiving my Alerts

In order to receive Alerts you need to select the areas of practice as well as the contents of your preference. Once you have chosen them, select ‘Save your Configuration’. If you are still not receiving your Alerts, please contact info@eulawlive.com

30. I am a subscribed user and I receive too many Alerts

You can also change your profile by clicking on ‘Settings’. If you receive too many Alerts, you are probably following too many areas of practice. If you wish to receive only one email per day, you can sign up to the ‘Daily Wrap-Up’, an email sent at 8pm from Monday to Friday, with a summary of all the legal developments covered during the day.

31. I am a subscribed user and I do not have access to some content

If you are a subscriber, you should have access to all content in EU Law Live. If you do not have access to certain content, please contact info@eulawlive.com

32. I am a subscribed user and I can’t log in with my username and password

You can use the ‘password reminder’ button to recover your password. If you have forgotten your username, please contact the administrator of your organisation. You can also contact us at info@eulawlive.com

33. I am a subscribed administrator and I can’t register more users

In that case, you have reached the limit of your subscription contract. If you wish to have additional individual users, you can either (1) unregister other users, or (2) expanding your account contacting our team at subscriptions@eulawlive.com


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