November 28
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Trajan Shipley
25th October 2021
Institutional law

Formation of Chambers of General Court published

Official publication has been made of the General Court’s Formation of Chambers and assignment of Judges to Chambers, following the renewal period of October 2021. The new Chamber composition is expected to be in force until 31 August 2022.

According to the publication, the President and the Vice-President shall not be attached permanently to a Chamber, but the Vice-President shall sit in each of the ten Chambers sitting with five Judges, on the basis of one case per Chamber.

The following judges have been elected as presidents of Chamber:

  • (i) First Chamber: Judge Kanninen
  • (ii) Second Chamber: Judge Tomljenović
  • (iii) Third Chamber: Judge De Baere
  • (iv) Fourth Chamber: Judge Gervasoni
  • (v) Fifth Chamber: Judge Spielmann
  • (vi) Sixth Chamber: Judge Marcoulli
  • (vii) Seventh Chamber: Judge da Silva Passos
  • (viii) Eight Chamber: Judge Svenningsen
  • (ix) Ninth Chamber: Judge Costeira
  • (x) Tenth Chamber: Judge Kornezov

See the full composition of the Chambers here.


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