January 27
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Anjum Shabbir
18th March 2020
Covid-19 Human Rights

Fundamental Rights Agency report on COVID-19 pandemic’s impact upcoming

The Fundamental Rights Agency has announced today that it will be publishing a report ‘Investigating the COVID19 impact on rights’. This will look at both the Charter of Fundamental rights and Support for human rights systems and defenders. It is described as a ‘rapid research exercise’ to examine the duty of the State to ensure the public’s health, the impact of responses to the outbreak on fundamental rights, including discrimination, hate speech, and the freedom of movement and assembly. It will cover all Member States, and be published in the Easter period.

The Director of the Agency discussed hate speech and discrimination a few days ago on social media, stating:

It’s never acceptable for instance to target people just because of their perceived nationality or ethnicity. It’s never acceptable to pick on somebody in the street and to beat them up because somebody thinks they might be a carrier of the virus”.

Read the FRA’s announcement here.


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