August 01
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Trajan Shipley
17th March 2021
External Relations & Trade Institutional law Internal Market Justice & Litigation

Insight: “EU and international law at a crossroads in EU-UK enforcement mechanisms under the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol” by Trajan Shipley

Former Prime Minister Theresa May might go down in history for her much-repeated phrase ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Her successor, Boris Johnson, under whose leadership the United Kingdom effectively left the European Union through the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, has still failed to come up with a slogan on what the post-Brexit reality actually means. But recent events show that it is not as clear and tautological as May’s famous Brexit slogan, and the same can be said of the enforcement and dispute settlement framework under the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, particularly with regard to disputes under its Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol.

In the three months since the end of the transition period provided in the Withdrawal Agreement, un


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