June 18
Trajan Shipley
17th May 2021
External Relations & Trade Internal Market Justice & Litigation

Insight: “EU Blocking Statute ready for stress-test at the Court of Justice in Bank Melli” by Trajan Shipley

On 12 May 2021 Advocate General Hogan delivered his Opinion in Grand Chamber case Bank Melli (C-124/20), a highly relevant case in the field of extraterritorial US sanctions and the scope of the obligations imposed upon EU operators under the EU Blocking Statute in order not to comply with them. 

The facts of the case, the scope of the questions referred to the Court of Justice and the Advocate General’s Opinion are better summarised in this Op-Ed by Celia Challet and this news piece published in EU Law Live. The case concerns: (i) the conditions under which EU operators are required not to comply with extraterritorial sanctions, (ii) their obligations vis-à-vis contractual parties that are subject to those sanctions, (iii) the le


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