January 23
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Dolores Utrilla
26th November 2020
Banking & Finance Competition & State Aid Consumer, Health & Environment Covid-19 Employment & Immigration Institutional law Internal Market Justice & Litigation Tax

Insight: “EU Institutional Law in Times of Pandemic (Part II): actors, functions, and interactions” by Dolores Utrilla

1. Introduction

This is the second part of an Insight devoted to the identification of some of the key (and ongoing) transformations triggered by the COVID-19 crisis relating to EU institutional law. Here, this is understood as the part of the EU legal order dealing with the internal functioning of EU institutions, agencies, and bodies (including their decision-making processes and their budgetary foundations), as well as their mutual interactions and the overall relationship between the EU and its Member States, and among the Member States themselves.

Two weeks ago, I approached this matter (here) from the cross-cutting perspective of the role of law, that is, the functions performed by legal rules and principles within th


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