September 22
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Trajan Shipley
22nd June 2021
Competition & State Aid External Relations & Trade Internal Market

Insight: “Is It Really Over? The Airbus/Boeing Dispute and its Implications for Transatlantic Trade Cooperation” by Trajan Shipley

As President Biden arrived on 15 June 2021 at the Europa Building in Brussels for the first US-EU Summit in more than seven years, a reporter asked him about the prospects of a deal to end the nearly 17-year-long Airbus/Boeing dispute, the longest in the history of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The 46th President, however, chose not to answer the reporter’s question and instead raised his right arm and crossed his fingers, prompting smiles from President von der Leyen and President Michel, who were flanking him left and right.

The President’s gesture comes with good reason: in spite of the understanding between the parties, which will lead to a suspension of the application of countermeasures originating from WTO rulings for


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