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Anjum Shabbir
26th March 2020
Competition & State Aid

Merger approval decisions published today

Four merger approval decisions made by the European Commission under Article 6(1)(b) of the Merger Regulation have been published in the Official Journal today.


Joint venture created by Iliad and InfraVia Capital Partners

The European Commission approved a proposed concentration, by which Iliad S.A and InfraVia Capital Partners acquire joint control of a newly created joint venture, aimed at accelerating fiber rollouts (FTTH) outside very densely populated areas, earlier this year in January.

Iliad is a French company that provides fixed and mobile telephony services, internet access and hosting services. InfraVia is also a French company, focused on the management of investment funds specialised in the infrastructure sector. The joint venture will provide wholesale local access at a fixed location in France.

The European Commission concluded that this operation does not raise competition concerns because the vertical overlaps between the activities of the joint venture and InfraVia are limited. Moreover, as the joint venture will provide services previously provided by Iliad, it found that there will be no change in the overlap of the activities.

Read the published decision in the Official Journal here.


Joint control over broadband service supplier Pentacom by Macquarie and Aberdeen Infrastructure

Joint control over Spanish broadband access service supplier company Pentacom Investment (Spain) Holdco, S.L. by UK company Pentacom Investments (UK) Holdco Limited (a global investment bank and financial services provider) and Dutch company Aberdeen Infrastructure (Holdco) IV B.V. (a global investment company) was authorised by the Commission last week.

The Commission’s decision was based on the finding that the proposed acquisition would raise no competition concerns, given that there are no horizontal overlaps or vertical links between the activities of the companies.

The decision has now been published in the Official Journal and can be accessed here.


Joint control over Roof Media by Rossel & Cie, SIPA and Crédit Mutuel.

Last week the European Commission approved the acquisition of joint control over Roof Media, a French company specialised in technology and video diffusion services, by Rossel & Cie, a Belgian company, SIPA and Crédit Mutuel Groups, both of France. All the acquiring companies are active in the field of newspapers (paper and digital).

The decision was based on the very limited impact of the acquisition in the European Economic Area.

The now published decision can be accessed here.


Acquisition ofØrsted’s LNG Business by Glencore Energy. 

The acquisition of Ørsted’s LNG Business of Denmark by Glencore Energy of Switzerland was authorised by the European Commission last week.

Ørsted’s LNG Business comprises a number of liquefied natural gas (‘LNG’), related assets: contractual arrangements for LNG storage, regasification capacity and transmission services at the Gate Terminal in the Netherlands and a number of LNG sale and purchase agreements. Glencore Energy is a large global diversified natural resource company and a major producer and marketer of several commodities.

The European Commission considered that there are limited overlaps between the companies’ activities and, therefore, no competition concerns.

Read the decision published in the Official Journal here.




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