August 05
Anjum Shabbir
29th November 2019
Competition & State Aid

Mergers: Commission approvals of Blackston-Dream Global Reit, and acquisition of joint control over Merlin

The Commission finds in a decision published yesterday that no competition concerns under the Merger Regulation would arise from the sole acquisition of the Canadian DG Reit (real-estate investment) over the US-based Blackstone (global asset manager active in real estate), as there would be limited impact on the market.

It also approves, in another decision of today, the acquisition of joint control over the British Merlin (which operates amusement and theme park attractions) by Danish Kirkbi (holding and investment company that owns Lego Group), US-Blackstone Group (asset manager), and Canadian CCPB (active in investment management). The reason for the approval was that there was limited overlap between the activities of the companies in question.

See the links in the text above for the Official Journal entries, and here for the press release for the first and second decisions.


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