April 23
Anjum Shabbir
25th February 2021
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New legislative proposal for recast Roaming Regulation presented by Commission

The European Commission presented a legislative proposal for a recast Roaming Regulation yesterday which would prolong current rules under Regulation 531/2012 allowing calls, SMSs and data to be made in other Member States at domestic prices, namely without incurring additional charges, for a further 10 years.

The proposal includes price-cap and incentivising rules that will make roaming without charges sustainable for operators as well, and envisages further reductions in wholesale roaming prices (charged between networks).

This proposal comes further to a public consultation and an evaluation of whether reform is necessary, and review reports showing that

  • demand for mobile services while travelling in the EU/EEA has rapidly increased since the abolition of roaming charges;
  • ‘fair-use’ policies to prevent abuse of roaming and the system of exceptional derogations to the rules have allowed negative effects on national markets, operators and consumers to be avoided; and
  • measures to regulate inter-operator prices are still necessary to ensure roaming sustainability.

Read the Commission’s press release here.


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