Wednesday, May 18 2022
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Anjum Shabbir
Anjum Shabbir
15th May 2020
Banking & Finance Institutional law Justice & Litigation

Op-Ed: “Between Karlsruhe and Luxembourg, lies Frankfurt? The Bundesbank and the Bundesverfassungsgericht’s PSPP decision” by Nathan de Arriba-Sellier

May the Bundesbank simply curb its participation in European Union monetary policy? No, answered the Masters of the Treaties, who introduced clear rules of jurisdiction, should a National Central Bank (NCB) fail to fulfil its obligations under EU law. Infringement proceedings, jurisdiction of the Court of Justice, revocation of its president: these are some of the challenges the Bundesbank could face in the coming months, if it decides to follow the decision of the Bundesverfassungsgericht on 5 May 2020. On that date, Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court ruled that six decisions of the European Central Bank (ECB) related to its Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP) and the preliminary ruling of the Court of Justice in Weiss constitut


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