July 31
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Anjum Shabbir
Anjum Shabbir
28th January 2020
External Relations & Trade Institutional law

Op-Ed: “Brexit and the future” by Jonathan Faull

Unions under stress 

Brexit should cause the EU to think again about what it is for, what policies it pursues, how it relates to a changing world and, above all, how it responds to the alienation of many of its own citizens which reached a climax in the British referendum. While the UK had a unique cocktail of objections and resentments, many of them are to be found in other European countries as well.

In a lecture in 2017,* I asked how exceptional the UK was in its attitudes to the EU. This is what I said then and I think it still holds true:

“It is perhaps for others to say how exceptional we are, but it is true that the EU has a significance in the politics, identity and self-esteem of other countries which it doe


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