May 11
Anjum Shabbir
Anjum Shabbir
11th September 2020
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Op-Ed: “Carreras Sequeros and Others – The Scope of the Fundamental Right to Paid Annual Leave” by Daniela Krömer

European workers, at least those well informed about labour law, take some pride in the fact that paid annual leave is a European fundamental right (see Article 31(2) of the Charter). Yet, so far, there has been no need, or no occasion, to clarify the scope of that fundamental right. In most cases, reference to the Working Time Directive and to its Article 7 – guaranteeing at least four weeks of paid annual leave – suffices. And since the Directive has a very broad scope of application – it covers even volunteer firefighters, see C-518/15, Matzak) – it has been hard to come across a situation where it does not.

However, the Working Time Directive does not cover EU staff. So, when in 2014, EU Staff Regulations on paid annual leave


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