January 27
Anjum Shabbir
Anjum Shabbir
14th October 2020
Institutional law Justice & Litigation

Op-Ed: “Future of the EU’s court system – some exclamation and question (re)marks” by Michal Kianička

I read with great interest the recent EU Law Live Long Read “A rolling stone gathers no moss - the evolving structure of the EU’s court system”, by Henriikka Leppo. The article focused on the latest reform and what the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) could possibly do in the future in order to eventually make it a success and solve its remaining problems. This text wishes to be a constructive response to Henriikka Leppo’s call at the end of her contribution for a brainstorming on possible further steps.

The report on the efficiency of the General Court, as well as on the necessity and effectiveness of its latest reform, is due in about two months. However, the end of 2020 could indeed be too early for a comprehensive


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