January 23
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Anjum Shabbir
Anjum Shabbir
5th October 2020
Consumer, Health & Environment

Op-Ed: “The limits of legal metamorphosis – the Novel Food Status of insects” by Dr Sabrina Röttger-Wirtz and Dr Alie de Boer

Metamorphosis - an abrupt striking change in form, structure or substance - is generally a phenomenon witnessed in biology or common motif in prose. However, as the Entoma case shows, law also encounters this phenomenon:  the novel food status of insects was subject to a potential metamorphosis under the – by now replaced – Novel Food Regulation 258/97. The Court of Justice had to examine how far legal interpretation can stretch, before it amounts to completely transforming (and essentially rewriting) a legislative provision.

In 1997, very much in the wake of the BSE crisis, food safety was high on the agenda in EU Law. It was also a time of radical scientific and technological advancement with the rise of nanotechnologies, clonin


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