Tuesday, May 24 2022
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Anjum Shabbir
11th March 2020
Consumer, Health & Environment

Proposals for EU Environmental Measures: Circular Economy Action Plan

The European Commission has published a Circular Economy Action Plan which presents options to tackle environmental issues and promote sustainability, in particular by looking at the life cycle of products: waste has been identified as a main concern of citizens.

Electronics and ICT: products on the EU market should be designed to last longer, be easier to repair, and for there to be greater upgrading, recycling and reuse. Incentives should be in place to companies for this purpose.

Textiles: the Plan refers to driving new business models for reuse and recycling, so consumers can choose sustainable options. Ecodesign will apply to a broader range of products, and clothes will be made to last longer.

Plastics: the Plan refers to phasing out single-use products wherever possible, and restricting intentionally added microplastics to capture them at all relevant stages of the product lifecycle.

Food and packaging: New legislative initiatives on reuse to substitute single-use packaging, tableware and cutlery by reusable products in food services, as well as targets for reducing packaging waste will be proposed.

Waste: Measures will be introduced for waste prevention and reduction, increasing recycled content, minimising waste exports outside EU. An EU model for separate collection and labelling of products will be launched.

View the Action Plan itself here.


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