Wednesday, May 18 2022
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Publish with us

  • EU Law Live is open to publication of original texts by external authors which may contribute to advancing the understanding of and research on EU Law and/or to promoting dissemination, reflection and discussion on recent developments of EU Law.


  • Texts by external authors may take the following publication formats (for further information, please see the section ‘Our publication formats and topics’):
    • Analyses: brief analytical contributions of 500-600 words that explore the context and assess the significance of a given legal development. They are neutral in tone and do not necessarily reflect the author’s explicit personal opinion. Analyses are usually published between 24-72 hours of the legal development that is the subject matter.
    • Op-Eds: longer texts (1,000-1,200 words) providing for an assessment of the meaning and implications of a given legal development, including the opinion of the author. As with Analyses, Op-Eds are usually published between 24-72 hours of the legal development to which they relate.
    • Long Reads: extensive and more reflective texts (1,500 words or more) published in the Weekend Edition. They are much broader and flexible in content: they may have the style of an Op-Ed, but also include interviews, findings of research projects, and a wider range of EU policy measures. They are not strictly tied to a very recent legal development.
    • Book Reviews: short texts (of around 500 words) assessing the content and significance of a recently published book concerning any of the topics covered by EU Law Live.


  • For planning reasons, it is advisable that authors interested in publishing with us contact in advance to see whether their proposed text fits into EU Law Live’s publication schedule. This is particularly important for book reviews, as they are planned further in advance: please make sure that the book that you are proposing for review has not been commissioned to another author.


  • Submission of manuscripts can be done by sending them in Word format to Our staff will contact you within a 48/72 h timeframe.


  • As for the decision and review process, please note that EU Law Live reserves the right to publish or not to publish submitted manuscripts. This decision will 2 be supported by an evaluation of the manuscripts in two stages: (i) an initial assessment by the EU Law Live team and/or Editorial Board, based on the relevance, interest and quality of the text, as well as its conformity with EU Law Live’s publications schedule and editorial policy; (ii) where appropriate, detailed evaluation of the selected manuscripts by anonymous reviewers through a blind review system. EU Law Live will make sure the file complies with the requisites to ensure a blind peer review, if the sent file is addressed to a peer review section. EU Law Live may suggest revisions to authors, according to the results of the evaluation process. If manuscripts are not accepted for publication, EU Law Live will inform the authors of the reasons for this decision, attaching the reviewers’ opinions where appropriate.


  • The contributions for each section must conform to the Guidelines & Terms that will be forwarded to the authors upon acceptance of their manuscripts. Here is a summary of the key applicable rules:
    • Please use British spelling.
    • Quotations should be in ‘single inverted commas’ and not “double inverted commas” unless you are quoting direct speech.
    • All texts should include a bio of authors of no more than 1-3 lines, indicating their current occupation and their most recent relevant publications.
    • The system (intentionally) does not recognise footnotes, therefore please integrate the information into the main text and hyperlink sources (Long Reads for the Weekend Edition are an exception to this rule).
    • Authors of published Analyses and Op-Eds will receive a free offprint of their texts for their personal use and distribution, if so wished, once the 15-day period of exclusive use for EU Law Live has ended.
    • By submitting your contribution, you authorise EU Law Live to hold exclusive rights of use of your intellectual property for 15 days from the date of publication. After that time, you grant EU Law Live a non- exclusive and indefinite right of use of your contribution and you agree to quote and reference EU Law Live in any future publications that are substantially based on the text first published in EU Law Live.
    • By submitting your contribution, you acknowledge that you do not represent the interests of third parties, nor do you intend to publish your contribution in exchange for remuneration to defend a position in the interest of a third party. At EU Law Live we take our independence seriously and we want our authors to express their views only. For further information on our principles, click here.

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