November 28
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Emilija Berzanskaite
22nd October 2021
Competition & State Aid

State Aid approval decisions in the Official Journal today

The European Commission’s decisions pursuant to Articles 107 and 108 TFEU not to raise objections against the following measures have been published:

SA.55078 - Debt repayment agreement with VÁHOSTAV — SK, a.s. (aid for sectorial development) - Slovakia SA.63203 - Restructuring of Condor (aid for restructuring undertakings in difficulty) - Germany SA.64370 - COVID-19: State loans for travel guarantee funds (Amendments to SA.57985) (aid to remedy serious disturbance in the economy) - Netherlands SA.64521 - Amendments to compensation scheme for mooring companies (aid to remedy serious disturbance in the economy) - Italy

Four decisions authorising Lithuanian aid schemes to remedy serious disturbance in the economy in Lithuania as a


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