November 29
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Trajan Shipley
22nd November 2021
Consumer, Health & Environment

TestBioTech challenges Monsanto’s permission to market genetically modified maize and soybeans

Official publication has been made today of two actions for annulment (T-605/21 and T-606/21), by which TestBioTech eV challenges two decisions by the European Commission refusing to revoke or amend prior implementing decisions allowing Monsanto Europe SA to market genetically modified maize and soybeans under the GM Regulation.

In support of its action against the decision concerning maize, the applicant claims that the Commission committed a manifest error of assessment in:

Failing to give consideration to the potential impact of gene stacking on gene expression in combination with exposure to drought conditions and/or failing to require an adequate assessment under drought conditions to be conducted. Failing to give adequa

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