January 27
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Raúl Ferrer
Raúl Ferrer
15th September 2019
Institutional law Justice & Litigation

Analysis: “The General Court’s New Dawn” by Daniel Sarmiento

It is ironic that only two days after celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, the General Court was radically rebooted and transformed into quite a different jurisdiction. On Thursday 26 of September, with the entry of office of fourteen new judges, the appointment of a new President and Vice-President, the enactment of new procedural arrangements and the imminent exit of the UK, quite a lot happened to the General Court. And it is not just another renewal of judges. It is closer to a new dawn and the birth of an era.

Any direct witness of the pre-2004 Court of Justice, before the arrival of ten new judges from new Member States, can confirm how the Institution was radically changed. It was not because the judges came from differen


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