December 09
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Anjum Shabbir
9th January 2020
Data, Tech & IP External Relations & Trade Internal Market

Third country IP infringements: new report on how to tackle them

In the context of intellectual property infringements in third countries costing EU companies billions in revenue and jobs, and hindering innovation and competitiveness, a new report has been published by the European Commission on ‘protection and enforcement of IP rights in third countries’. Problems include counterfeiting and piracy, privacy, IP theft, and IP infringements.

This report updates the list of third countries, with China marked as a first-priority category (80% of counterfeit and pirated goods come from China and Hong Kong, which has cost 121 billion EUR). Nigeria and Saudia Arabia have also been added to the list in the third-priority category. It also offers explanations and country specific analyses, such as the lower level of enforcement and protection abroad, and highlights that membership of relevant international agreements (such as the UPOV 1991 Act on plant varieties) could, for example, encourage a move forward.

A Commission objective that is also highlighted by this report is that of IP of plant varieties, which would improve productivity and quality in agriculture (see the Annex of the report in particular).

See here for the Commission’s press release, published today.


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