February 25
Dolores Utrilla
23rd February 2021
Human Rights Justice & Litigation

Ukraine brings Russia before ECtHR for alleged administrative practice of targeted assassination of political opponents

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has received a new inter-State application (No. 10691/21) from the Government of Ukraine against Russia, concerning allegations of an ongoing administrative practice consisting of targeted assassination operations against perceived opponents of Russia within its own territory and also on the territory of other States, including other States of the Council of Europe, outside a situation of armed conflict. 

The Ukrainian Government alleges a violation of both the substantive and procedural dimensions of the right to life in Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. On the procedural side, the application points to the existence of an administrative practice by Russia of failing to investigate these assassination operations and of deliberately mounting cover-up operations aimed at frustrating efforts to find the persons responsible. 

In addition to this case, Ukraine has lodged other inter-State cases against Russia concerning events in Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, and the Sea of Azov, in respect of which more than 7,000 individual applications are pending.

For more information, read the ECtHR’s press release.

To learn more on pending inter-state applications against Russia, read this Insight by Dolores Utrilla and this Analysis by Andrés Delgado.


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